Riddum Exclusive - Martin Kampmann: "[Jake Shields] didn't really do much but hug me"


UFC welterweight Martin "The Hitman" Kampmann came very close to spoiling Jake Shields' UFC debut last month at UFC 121. For the first time since his split decision loss to the now number one welterweight contender Jake Shields, the Danish fighter talks about the fight, what went wrong with his gameplan and who he may fight next.

Riddum.com: You lost a very close decision to Jake Shields at UFC 121. Do you agree with the judges' decision?

Martin Kampmann: I leave the scoring to the judges. He scored his points by being on top and controlling. I did more damage, and I was closer to finishing the fight. But I really gave the victory away by trying to finish him with submissions and losing position because of it. It was a stupid mistake on my part and I am very disappointed in myself for such a poor performance.

R.: If you were to rematch Shields one day, what would you do differently?

M. K.: Not try to submit him. I had one choke locked in pretty good where I knew he was in trouble, but my other attempts didn't really threaten him and I just ended up losing position. I should have just stuck to punching him, or kept top control like he did.

R.: What was going through your mind before the scores were announced? Were you confident that you were going to get the nod from the judges?

M. K.: I know the judges put a lot of emphasis on top control and takedowns, so I knew it could easily go his way. I was mostly mad at myself for the mistakes I made during the fight.

R.: Do you believe the takedowns are overvalued in North American MMA and the judging criteria need to change?

M. K.: There are definitely flaws in the judging criteria but I'm not sure how to fix it. Best way is to not leave it to the judges.

R.: Do you know who you will fight next? Did the UFC mentioned anyone as your next opponent?

M. K.: I don't know yet. Maybe [Dan] Hardy or [Matt] Serra. They are both coming out of losses as well, but really it could be anybody. I don't want to wait too long. I had no injuries after the fight, because [Jake Shields] didn't really do much but hug me. My only sore spot is my knee from hitting him in the head.

R.: Jake Shields will now face the winner of GSP vs. Josh Koscheck. What's your prediction for that fight?

M. K.: It's close but I think GSP will probably take it, but if you are betting then put your money on Koscheck. His chances are much better than what the bookmakers give him.

R.: What's the state of MMA in Denmark? Any plans for the UFC to go there?

M. K.: I don't know but I would love to have the UFC come to Denmark. There would be people coming from all over Scandinavia for that one.

R.: Thank you for your time Martin. Anybody you would like to give a shout out?

M. K.: Thank you, thanks to the Xtreme Couture gym, TCB fightwear, The Gunstore, and thanks to all the fans supporting me!


Riddum.com would like to thank Martin Kampmann for his time. You can follow Martin on Twitter and Facebook.

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